Ina Yosun Chang is an augmented reality software developer who always has an infinite curiosity. She's built award-winning apps for every single depth-sensing camera device platform - from Intel RealSense to Google Project Tango to Microsoft HoloLens. Her work has been shown in Augmented World Expo, SIGGRAPH, Makerfaire, CES, SXSW and more.

Jordan Gray is Director of Technology @OrganicInc and co-founder of @CODAME, a SF based event celebrating ART+TECH. Using the @staRpauSe alias, Jordan has released hours of music and motion graphics under the Creative Commons. Jordan's photography has appeared on Huffington Post, Science World Report, Fast Company & more. He crystallizes his consciousness in haiku which have been published in chap & art books. Jordan is also a moving meditation mentor, certified by Wen Wu School to teach Wild Goose Qi Gong.